American Bullys vs. Pitbulls

The American Bully, sometimes confused with the American bulldog or the pit bull - is a new breed distinguished by their short legs, compact and barrel chest, and big head.

The American Bully

The American Bully is unique for its sleek, almost body-builder look. The Bully looks tough, but what those looking to purchase or adopt a Bully should know is that their temperament and personality by no means match their looks. Known for their protective yet gentle nature, the Bully surely gives off a look that intimidates.

Behind closed doors, they are a loyal and loving lapdog who refuses to leave their side. American Bullies are inherently happy and sociable, and radiate a confidence that many dogs lack when you are out on the street or even home alone. American Bullies are the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a dog that gives you a sense of confidence while still being as supportive as any Labrador. With their lustrous and sophisticated appearance, the Bully is a multi-faceted dog that will support your every need.

The Pit Bull

In comparison, the American Pit Bull Terrier is distinguished by its slightly less athletic build. Still sleek and muscular, but smaller in comparison to the body and appearance of the American Bully.

Pit bulls are known for being stubborn and strong willed, and although not every pit bull is the aggressive fighting dog that their stereotype makes them out to be, they do tend to have a mind of their own. Despite this, most Pit bulls are loyal, intelligent, and affectionate.

Pit bulls are an ancestor of the American Bully, right beside the American Staffordshire terrier, but they are not the same dog. Pit bulls are a great family dog due to their tendency to need attention, whereas the American Bully can be matched with any individual who is looking for a loving companion.

Any dog takes work, and the energy level of the American Bully depends on the dog you choose, but we assure you that the American Bully is a dog who is on the rise, and is the perfect, dual blend of loyalty, compassion, and nobility.