The “Cost” of an American Bully Dog

To ask for the price of a dog is never a simple question. Many things need to be considered when looking at the cost for a breed, including (but not limited to) — bloodline, class of Bully, structure, and much more. Understanding the price of the dog you are getting is important, but how can you put a price on a companion?




Most American Bully dogs’ cost from $2,000-$30,000. However, this is an average price, and taking into consideration the different types of Bully dogs, there is a large amount of variation. Investing in a dog is always a big step, and please make sure you can take care of a dog before you commit to this responsibility. Affording to buy the dog is only the first part of beginning your life with a new companion.


American BullyAmerican Bully dogs are energetic, meaning that they need to be walked and have an equally energetic owner. Although American Bully dogs do okay by themselves for extended periods of time, they are family dogs which mean that they do best in environments where they have stimulation and attention from multiple people.


After buying the dog, getting dog supplies, feeding your Bully, and even the time you must take out of your day to take care of the dog are all extremely imperative to understanding how much, exactly, living with a dog is going to cost you. The average dog owner spends about $1,200 on the first year of dog ownership alone.



However, although it is imperative to understand the prices behind getting a pet, it is impossible to really put on a price on the relationship you will have with an American Bully dog. The breed is amazing in multiple ways — they are a pleasure to live with and be around, and although each dog is different, the breed itself is known for its gentle and loving nature. How, exactly, can one really put a price on companionship?