Get Your Bully Ready For Warm Weather

Get Your Bully Ready For Warm Weather

Warmer weather is the best time for your Bully—but it could also be the most dangerous and harmful. Your dog deserves to enjoy the summertime in a safe and healthy way. Summer months...
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Warmer weather is the best time for your Bully—but it could also be the most dangerous and harmful. Your dog deserves to enjoy the summertime in a safe and healthy way. Summer months (i.e., June, July, & August) consist of rising temperatures, humid conditions, and worst of all: burning cement pavement. Here are some tips & suggestions as to how you can keep your Bully safe while having some fun in the sun!

1. Signs of heat stroke & overheating

Heat strokes are not only common in humans but in pets as well. Normal body temperature for dogs range from 101 to 102.5°F. Temperatures exceeding 103°F are considered to be a heat stroke and temperatures exceeding 107°F are considered deadly. 

The most common cause of heat stroke in dogs is leaving your pup unattended in a car without air conditioning or proper ventilation. Other causes of heat stroke include being out in hot conditions without adequate shade or water, excessive exercise, and poorly ventilated home environments. One thing to note is that dogs' primary way of regulating their body temperature is through panting, and thus, heavy panting is one of few signs that your Bully is overheating. Here are some other signs of heat stroke, overheating, and dehydration:

  • Dry or bright red/abnormal gum color
  • Lethargic physical state
  • Thick drool
  • Vomiting
  • Possibly have seizures

The best way to avoid and eliminate the risk of heat stroke in your Bully is to keep them cool, calm, and hydrated!

2. Hydrate, hydrate, & hydrate!!!

Hydration is key. The number one thing to always keep in mind when taking your Bully out to enjoy the warm weather is easy access to clean water. A great way to make sure of this is to bring a bottle for your pup to easily drink out of. Another way to avoid dehydration and overheating is keeping your pup under adequate shade throughout the day while being outside. 

3. #ProtectPaws

Although it might seem obvious to some, not many pet parents are aware of how hot surfaces like cement and asphalt can be in the summer months. The best way to keep your pup cool in the summer is to keep them off of hot surfaces, as body temperatures increase/decrease from the bottom up. Not only could it burn and hurt their paws, but your dog's body temperature can increase very fast and lead to overheating. 

Keep your Bully cool by spraying cool water all over, invest in some dog shoes, and limit walks & time under the hot sun!

4. No Shave, Just Trim

Humans have No Shave November, and dogs have Just Trim June & July. People shave to keep themselves cool in the warm months, but for pets, their coat is meant to keep them cool. Trimming is the way to go during these next few months and remember to keep a good layer of hair so your Bully is protected from sunburns. 

5. Fireworks are fun for humans, but frightening for dogs

Summer months are filled with outdoor celebrations and get-togethers, and the most popular summer holiday is July 4th. Everyone looks forward to extravagant firework shows during this holiday, everyone except for pets! Such loud noises can cause anxiety induce stress in your dog.

Also, if you're hosting your own fireworks show this summer, it's best to keep your Bully indoors and away from any debris as fireworks are made of chemicals that could be poisonous to your pup if ingested. Fourth of July should be a fun celebration without any scares or visits to the vet!

Summer Safety Takeaway

Your Bully deserves to enjoy the summertime just as much as you do. Despite all of the fun in the sun, there are always ways to keep the fun going and keep your pup safe & healthy. Being extra attentive to your pet during extreme weather months can potentially save them from any harm and save you from any headaches!

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