Are American Bully Dogs Aggressive?

Every dog species face some sort of stereotype, and because of their build, it is no doubt that American Bully dogs get a wrap for being “aggressive”.

Bred with an American Staffordshire and an American Pitbull Terrier, it is no wonder that some who are looking to adopt feel as though the Pitbull Terrier passed down some unlucky traits.




This is where those who are looking for the perfect family dog get scared away - but why should they? Science has proven that there is no breed that is inherently aggressive — the way dogs act  is a matter of how they are raised. If a dog is raised to be mean by his/her owner, then the dog will indeed be aggressive.

Stereotypes affect everyone in life, but with particular dog breeds - they are especially nasty. Perspective dog owners take one look at a dog and decide what kind of traits the dog has instead of looking into the breed itself. Research has proven time and time again  that no dog breed has a completely stagnant set of characteristics — each dog is different, and the stature of a breed or a dog oftentimes gives no real information on what the dog is like.



Sadly, a lot of individuals who are looking to adopt tend to shy away from dogs that are built like the American Bully.

The American Bully dog is bred to be a family dog. Loyal, gentle, and kind, they are a loving companion despite the bad reputation that circulates around them, merely because of their stature.





If you have never had the pleasure of meeting an American Bully, then taking the time to meet this up-and-coming breed is definitely something you should invest in. Meeting with different classes of American Bullies and seeing how different dogs fit into the lifestyle you are looking for will truly help you understand this breed.